‘Guitar Heroes’

Laura Simpson has also chosen to screen a programme of three international artists’ films before one of the Festival music events at the Corn Exchange. Two films will be projected before the band come on stage. These short works by Andrew MacLean and Antti Savela explore relationships between identity, music and enjoyment.

Emma 1Another film, by Dennis Tan, will play on a monitor within the venue. This more durational piece is a literal deconstruction of music. As the guitarist featured repeats a refrain the artist interferes so that the visual and aural manifestation of the music falls apart. All the works take elements of the familiar and make something new, remixing the performance and along with its cultural associations.

‘Broken Haze‘, 2006, Dennis Tan (Germany), 20 min.

This video shows the artist dismantling an electric guitar as the guitarist plays the intro sequence to Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze.

‘Emma’, 2006, Antti Savela, (Sweden), 1 min.

”Emma’ is a story about my childhood in Finland : Brylcreem, Cigarettes and Rock&Roll’. The artist is seen with his hair slicked back at the start of the video but it becomes increasingly messy as he rocks out with his guitar during the course of the song.

‘See You Jimi, My Dad Says You Were Conceived in Skye’, 2006, Andrew Maclean (UK), 1min42.

Dundee based artist/musician Andrew Maclean remixes Jimi Hendrix’s famous Woodstock rendition of ‘Star Spangled Banner’ so that it looks and sounds like he is playing the Scottish anthem ‘Flower of Scotland’. Through doing this he playfully enforces a Scottish identity on Hendrix reflecting an urban myth that the musician was actually conceived on Skye.

Image Credit: ‘Emma’, 2006, Antti Savela, (Sweden), 1 min.

This exhibition is presented by Laura Simpson as part of Cupar Arts Festival which took place between the 10th and the 25th October 2009 and continues bi-annually.

Guitar Heros is a screening event which reflects my research into emergent video artists from the UK and Germany. The Scottish Arts Council, through their Creative and Professional Fund, have provided some financial support for this project.

All images courtesy and copyright the artists.